Labeling Tips For Packing Boxes When Moving

When individuals start packing up their belongings to relocate, they have a big job ahead of them so they may not label their boxes correctly. Labeling is very important when a local moving company is loading and unloading the moving truck, and especially when unpacking the boxes at the new residence. Read the information below to learn how to label packing boxes correctly to save time when unpacking.

Labeling Supplies

Purchasing the right labeling supplies will make this task much easier when packing and unpacking. To identify the contents of each box, use permanent felt tip markers that have a wide tip. Individuals should purchase black markers for identifying the box contents and red markers to write any special instructions on the box.

When reusing moving boxes that are labeled from previous moves or product boxes with print, tape a sheet of plain white paper over the lettering. Label the box by writing on the plain sheet of paper instead of trying to write over the words that are already on the box.

Labeling Tips

When labeling moving boxes, write the name of the room where the boxed items belong. In addition to the room name, also write down exactly what’s inside the box. Use the black marker to write down the contents of the box and use the red marker to write specific warnings, such as fragile or breakables, on the box.

Items that can easily be crushed when heavier boxes are stacked on top of them should be labeled “top load” in red. This signifies that these boxes should always be placed on the very top of a stack of boxes.

Labeling Placement

Always write the contents of each box on at least one side of the carton. When loading and unloading the boxes, it’s easier to see what’s inside the box if the wording is placed in full view. When the boxes are labeled only on the top, boxes that are stacked on top of them have to be moved before the label can be seen.

Follow these easy labeling tips for efficient and safe packing when moving. When individuals choose to hire a professional moving company, they can contact Corrigan Moving Systems for reliable service. Visit their website at to request a moving quote for home moving services including local, long distance and international relocation.

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